Saburomaru distillery

Since 1952 

 There are more than 40 whisky distilleries in Japan today but most of those were founded after 2010. 

 Many craft whisky distilleries were founded in Japan after WW2 but almost all were closed between 1985 and 2010 when domestic whisky market was shrinked to the quarter of the peak in 1983.

 Only 2 craft whisky distilleries survived this Japanese whisky ice age and Saburomaru distillery is one of them.

Only one whisky distillery in Hokuriku area

 Today there are more whisky distilleries in Japan than 1980. (40 in 2022 & 25 in 1980) but Saburomaru distillery has been only one whisky distillery in Hokuriku area since thier founding. 

Junenmyo Blended whisky 

 Junenmyo is the main brand of thier blended whisky. 7 years and Rouge (Red wine cask finish) are supplied regularly but some other cask finish bottles like Manzanilla Cask were also relased several times.

 Actually it is made from both thier own distilled whisky and imported one because there are no grain whisky supplier in Japan. (Only Suntory, Nikka and Kirin are producing grain whisky by column stills but never supply to other distilleries.)  

Brand Lineup 

 They have 1 single malt brand and 3 blended whisky brands. 

 Single malt whisky brand is Saburomaru.

 Moon glow was flagship brnad of blended whisky but rebrand to Gyokuto.

 Junenmyo is preimum brand for global market

 Sunshine is value brand for domestic market.

Whisky magazine 

 It is the most famous whisky magazine published in 5 languages. Saburomaru distillery was featured on the cover. It is the 3rd time that Japanese got the top cover of the magazine. The other 2 are Ichiro Akuto of Chichibu distillery in 2015 and Jotaro Tanaka, Master blender of Kirin in 2016.

Zemon Pot still

 Normally pot stills for whisky is made from copper sheet by hammer works but they developed original pot still made from copper alloy by molding with the local partner which has been making buddhist temple bells since 18th century.

Further details

Further detail is available in the website and movie in youtube.