Whisky material category

World whisky material category

 Whiskeys around the world can be broadly divided into malt whiskeys made only from malt and grain whiskeys made from malt and other cereals. Blended whisky normally means blended of malt whisky and grain whisky.

Japanese malt whisky material

Malt Whisky

 Malt whisky in almost all countries without America uses only malt which is germinated barley without any other grains.
 Normally malt for malt whisky is made from tow-row barley because it has good balance of starch and enzyme.

 Major malt whisky is Scotch Malt, Irish Malt and Japanese Malt. Malt whisky containing more than 2 different countries malt whiskies are sometime labeled as "Pure Malt" or "World Malt"

 American malt whisky is actually grain whisky due to required material by unique USA regulation.

Japanese grain whisky material

Grain Whisky

 Grain whisky uses both malt and other grains like corn, rye, wheat, oat, non-malt barley and etc. Malt is essential even for grain whisky because other grains doesn't have enzyme to convert starch to sugar.

 Malt for grain whisky is made from six-row barley in stead of tow-row barley because it has much more enzyme to convert starch in not only malt but also in other grains to sugar.

 Major grain whisky is Scotch grain, Irish grain, Irish single pot still, Bourbon, American corn/rye/malt/wheat whisky. Some of them have minimum limit of specific material in mash.

Unique material whisky in Japan

 Japanese distilleries started to produce following 2 type spirits and promoted as "whisky". It is not defined by any law/regulation today therefor these are actually spirits aged in oak barrel. 

Rice whisky material

Rice Whisky

 It is rice main grain whisky mashed by malt enzyme. It is mainly exported to US today.
 Most of rice whisky are produced by Shochu distilleries in Kumamoto prefecture. They are using stainless pot still which is also used for rice Shochu (Japanese traditional spirits). 

Koji whisky, Rice Shochu and Awamori  material

Koji Whisky (Barley/Rice)

 Actually it is Japanese traditional spirits, Shochu. But Shochu has coloring degree limitation by Japanese liquor tax law so that 
long aging in cask or Oke (traditional Japanese wooden container) causes over coloring degree.

 One companies is promoting over colored Shuchu as Koji whisky but actually it is not whisky but liquor because mashing is done by koji instead of malt. Almost all countries requires mashing by malt for whisky today.

 In 19th century, Mr. Jokichi Takahashi established this method and patented in USA.

Irish whisky material category in Ireland

 Irish whisky material category is malt whisky, grain whisky and pure pot still whisky. Irish blended whisky blended of all three or two of them. 

Irish pure pot still whisky material

Pure pot still whisky

 It is non-malted barley and malt main grain whisky in Ireland. Originally it contains not only non-malted barley, malt but also oat, wheat, rye.
 Today, Irish law require min 30% non-malted barley, min 30% malt and max 5% other grains for pure pot still whisky.

American whisky material category

 Almost all American whisky is grain whisky. If a specific material accounts for more than 51% of mash, whisky is called specific name whisky. Whisky with more than 2 years aging is called "Straight whisky" except for corn whisky.

Borbon Tennessee whisky material

Bourbon whisky

  It is corn main grain whisky. Min 51% alcohol should be made from corn. 
  Tennessee whisky has same material requirement with Bourbon and different is only one additional production process, which is filtration with charcoal made from sugar maple tree.

American corn whisky material

American corn whisky

  It is corn main grain whisky. Min 80% alcohol should be made from corn. 
  Corn whisky aging is normally very short like half year and cask inside is not burned. Therefor most of corn whisky looks white spirits.

Amerian rye whisky material

American rye whisky

  It is corn main grain whisky. Min 51% alcohol should be made from rye. 

American rye malt whisky material

American rye malt whisky

  It is corn main grain whisky. Min 51% alcohol should be made from rye malt. 

American malt whisky material

American malt whisky

  It is corn main grain whisky. Min 51% alcohol should be made from malt. 

American wheat whisky material

American wheat whisky

  It is corn main grain whisky. Min 51% alcohol should be made from wheat. 

Canadian whisky material category

 Most of Canadian whisky is blended of flavoring whisky and base whisky with Max 9.09% flavoring liquor.
 Canadian whisky is called rye whisky however flavoring whisky is only 10-15% of blended whisky.

Canadian flavoring whisky material

Canadian flavoring whisky

  Flavoring whisky accounts for 10-15% of Canadian blended whisky. It is normally rye main but no specific minimum requirement.

Canadian base whisky

Canadian base whisky

  Base whisky accounts for 85-90% of Canadian blended whisky. It is normally corn main but no specific minimum requirement.