Whisky aging process

Aging Style

Whisky Cask finish

Cask Finish

 Cask finish means 2nd aging in different cask for a few years or less after 1st aging for many years.

 Cask finish purpose is adding  specific flavor so normally cask for cask finish is rich flavor one like fortified wine cask and new oak wood cask.

Whisky Marriage


 Marriage means 2nd aging in cask after blending several whiskey and water.

 Marriage purpose is familiarizing whiskies and water

Whisky double marriage

Double Marriage

 Double marriage means twice marriage.

 Double marriage purpose is creating complicated taste and flavor.

Aging space

Dunnage Cask whisky aging

Dunnage style

 It's traditional style and  normally soil floor and maximum 4 line stacks.
 It's higher humidity due to soil floor and slower aging.
 But storage space efficiency is very low.  

Rack cask whisky aging

Rack style

 It's 8-12 floor steal rack for storage. There are temperature difference between upper part and lower part due to height. Therefor cask on upper floor is faster aging than one on lower floor.   

Paradise cask whisky aging

Paradise type

 Cask is put vertically and it's normally for grain whisky.
 Aging is fast but more leaking risk than others.
 Storage efficiency is very high.