Karuizawa Japanese craft whisky distillery

Japanese whisky to drink

 Fortunately Japanese Whisky has became very popular for last 10 years but it became not for drinking but for instagramer & scalper (unofficial reseller).
Some "Japanese whisky" is just bottled in Japan.
So we would like to make opportunities to drink whisky made by real whisky distillery in Japan. 


Single Origin Japanese tea

The most of today's Japanese tea is made from one same cultivar Yabukita but there were many local cultivars before. Those local cultivars had been disappearing since 1970s however a few curious and ambitious tea farmers are refocusing on those.
So we would like to offer the best cellection of local cultivar Japanese tea Renaissance. 

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Saburomaru distillery since 1952

 The 3rd oldest Japanese whisky distillery operating today. They developed the 1st molded pot still in the world together with the Buddhist temple bell manufacture in local. 

Single Origin Japanese tea

Japanese tea production was standarized with single cultivar Yabukita for cold bottle in Kiosk instead of water in 1990s and traditional premium tea production was very shrinked. However some tea farmers are restarting local unique cultivars for premium tea.

Zemon pot still

Saburomaru distillery developed the original whisky pot still together with the local Buddhist temple bell manufacture in local and it is the 1st molded whisky pot still in the world

Whisky category & process

Whisky is categorized by material, production process and blending.