Mimasaka is one of the oldest tea production area starting in 12th century by Buddhist priests and recorded as one of major 3 tea area together with Kyoto &  Sayama in 14~15th Century.

  The unique sundried method was developed in the middle centuries and it has been inherited until today although only a few tea farms remain.

  They boiled tea leaves after picking up and then put these sundried. During sundried process, they drop tea boiled water several times. It enables crispy and mild flavor by long sun drying without too much dried. 

Kurosaka Seicha Kaita En

  Kaitaen was founded in 1963. Indeed, it is the new tea farm in Mimasaka area which has very long history. However they are the biggest and leading tea farm of the very unique local sun dried method today.

  In addition, they are also focusing on single origin tea recently and making several different tea cultivars. 

Product Lineup

Kaitaen Okumidori 海田園 奥緑

Single Origin : Okumidori

Kaitaen Okuyutaka 海田園 奥豊

Single Origin : Okuyutaka

Kaitaen Ryofu 海田園 涼風

Single Origin : Ryofu

Kaitaen Z1 海田園 Z1

Single Origin : Z1

Kaita No Shizuku 海田の雫 

Single farm

1st flash

Mimasaka Kiyocha 美作貴陽茶

Single farm

Long Sundried

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