Ontake distillery

Soft & Fruity

Shared private cask is avaiable
1st Single malt will arrive in July 2024 

Features of Ontake distillery

100% sherry casks

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 Ontake distillery is using only sherry cask for thier whisky, so all thier single malt bottles are sherry cask whisky (Not sherry finish)

Rich spring soft water

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 There is a natural water spring in Ontake dsitillery which is located on the hill where we can look down the Sakurajima, which is the symbol volcano of Kagoshima prefecture. That hot spring is providing more than 1,000 L per min and that water is very soft. 

Unique own yeast

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 Ontake distillery was founded by Nishi Shuzo which is the well-known leading Shochu distillery with the name of Tomi No Hozan which is one of the most major brand.
 They have thier own lab with various yeast archive and they pick up some thier own yeast for thier whisky.

Aging celler of Ontake distillery

The local hills which is providing rich natural spring water with Ontake distillery

The entrance of Ontake distillery

Sakurajima view from Ontake distillery

The tasting room of Ontake distillery

Pot stills and tanks of Ontake distillery