Ise province is famous of Ise Jingu which is the most famous Shinto shrine founded in 5th century by the emperor and it has been positioned as the top of thousands Shinto shrines in Japan. 

  Tea production in Ise started in the end of 9th century and this local tea was served to the Imperial court in Kyoto in 14~16th century.

  The unique point of Ise tea is Kabuse method. This method covers tea leaf for 10 days before harvest. It enable less bitter and more sweet & umami.

Yokoya Seicha

  In 1979, Yokoya Seicha was founded in the valley with Kumozu river. It has the good condition for tea plantation because of the big temperature difference between day & night and mist from the river.

  They realized organic tea plantation in 2016 and they are producing tea by Kabuse method.

Product Lineup

Okuhikari Gyokuro 奥光 玉露

Single Origin : Tsuyuhikari


Yabukita 藪北

Single Origin : Yabukita

Okumidori Gyokuro 奥緑 玉露

Single Origin : Okumidori


Yabukita+Zairai 藪北+在来

Single farm : Yabukita + Zairai

Tsuyuhikari Gyokuro 露光 玉露 

Single Origin : Tsuyuhikari

Kabuse, Aglichemical free

Itsutsu 伍

Single farm : Quintuple Cultivar
(Meiryoku, Okuhikari, Sayamakaori, Okumidori , Saeakari)

Hagimura Seicha

 In 1962, Hagimura Seicha was founded in Suizawa area and started producing Kabuse Cha, main product of Mie prefecture.

 In parallel, they had been supplying their tea leaf to Kyoto as Uji Matcha material as same as other tea firms in the area but they started their own Matcha brand by own production in 1996.

 They became one of the best Matcha producer in Japan and they are supplying 350t/year including material application to global major brands today.

Product Lineup

Suizawa Kabuse Cha 水沢 かぶせ茶

Double clutivar : Yabukita, Saemidori


Matcha Suizawa 抹茶 水沢

Quatro cultivar : Yabukita, Saemidori, Samidori, Okumidori


Matcha Suzukayama 抹茶 鈴鹿山

Single cultivar : Okumidori


Matcha Okuunmo 奥雲母

Single cultivar : Okumidori


Matcha Samidori 抹茶 さみどり

Single origin : Samidori


Matcha Saemidori 抹茶 さえみどり

Single origin : Saemidori


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