Our partner Japanese whisky distilleries


Peated & Elegant
Toyama Pref.
Zemon pot stills
Founded in 1953
(Renovated in 2016)


Soft & Fruity
Kagoshima Pref.
Miyake pot stills
Founded in 2019


Toasty & full body
Niigata Pref.
Forsyths pot stills
Founded in 2021

How to select right Japanese whisky distilleries? 

More than 100 whisky production site licenses have been issued in Japan since 2016 and total number became more than 125.

Some of them are just bottling from imported bulk whisky to export

Some others are using stainless pot still instead of copper pot still.

Some others are using very small hybrid still mainly for gin with a little bit whisky.

Some others are founded as a fashion business by entrepreneur for gathering money.

Some others don’t have enough financial background for long aged whisky in future.

What makes us different?

So that, we ask/check…

Do you have enough big size copper pot stills designed for whisky?

Are you mainly distilling whisky? or others like gin and shochu?

Is whisky core business of your production site? or just side business?   

Do you have enough financial background to build a big aging cellar for long aged whisky?