Kameda distillery

Toasty & Full body

Features of Kameda distillery

Toasty by Baker's yeast

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 Whisky of Kameda distitllery has toasty flavor due to  bakery yeast. It realizes very unique flavor but causes too much bubbles durig fermentation process, and they added bubble eraser for it.

1st time to make liquors but quickly won world trophy in WWA

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 Before 2021, when Kameda Distillery was established, they had never made whiskey or any other alcoholic beverage. So, it looked not promised distillery, however thier having won the WWA World Trophy in the New Make category in 2023, this distillery has been ranked as one of the most promising Japanese whisky distilleries for the future.

Bubbly fermentation tank in Kameda distillery

WWA 2023 ceremony

Pot stills in Kameda distillery

Wood tanks in Kameda distillery