Chichibu distillery
is most famous and popular craft whisky distillery in the world today and it opened Japanese whisky Renaissance age. It started productin in 2008 but there were strong support & legacy of 4 distilleries behind the scenes of its birtha although most of them are no more exist except for Sasanokawa Shuzo.

Ichiro's malt of Chichibu by Venture whisky are supported by Sasaokawa and legacy of Karuizawa, Kawasaki and Toa.

2004 Venture whisky
2008 Chichibu distillery

 Chichibu distillery is most famous and popular craft whisky distillery wiht their brand name Ichiro's malt today. It was founded by Ichiro Akuto and started production in 2008. 

 In the beginning, they were bottling Hanyu casks which they took over and these whisky got several awards in UK. And then thier 1st onw distilled whisky "Chichibu the first" released in 2010 also got award in USA.

 It became very difficult to get thier whisky along with their name was becoming very famous and popular year by year. So that they built 2nd ditillery located 400m away from 1st distillery and called as Chichibu 2nd distillery. It started production in 2018 and total production cpacity became 5 times.

 As we know, many new craft whisky distilleries were founded after his success and Japanese  whisky Reneissance age started.

Chichibu distillery by Venture whisky made Ichiro's malt and opened Japanese craft whisky boom.

Chichibu distilleries story

Ichiro's malt card series made by Chichibu and Hanyu distillery

Card series

 Ichiro's malt is one of the most popular and premium whisky in the world today and some of them are sold at auction. Most famous story is auction of card series in Hongkong. Card series are made from several Hanyu casks and it has 54 variations (13 per each symbol and 2 jokers) whish was released between 2005 and 2014. Completed set price in auction in Hongkong was more than 800,000 EUR in 2019.