Japanese whisky regulation by private sector

Honest Label

 Major companies and some honest craft distilleries are stopping Kanji letter label for whisky containing imported bulk or describe "World whisky" on label. 

  Nikka has pure malt whisky containing imported bulk but label is described by only alphabet (without Kanji letter brand) as their honest.
  Suntory describes this type as "World whisky" or put label described by only alphabet (without Kanji letter brand) 
  Ichiro also describes "World blended whisky" or "World malt whisky".

Ichiro's malt  World Blended Venture whisky

Ichiro's malt 

World Blended

Venture whisky

Amahagan  World malt Nagahama Roman beer


World malt

Nagahama Roman beer

Ao  World whisky Suntory


World whisky


Japanese whisky definition by private sector

 Tokyo whisky spirits competition by Japan whisky research center, private company, is trying to make new standard of Japanese whisky definition. 
 They categorize following 3 type.

 It is positive trend that making regulation which stop bad quality "Japanese whisky" however it is no public authorization power and still some loose points like followings

1, Only 2 years aging instead of 3 years
2, No minimum % of Japanese whisky in Japan made whisky

1)Japanese whisky

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This is main category like Scotch.
<Process location>
- Making process from mashing to bottling should be in Japan as like Scotch
- Fermentation should be done by yeast
- Mashing should be done by Malt or natural enzyme except for Koji, Japanese special enzyme normally for Sake and Shochu
- Aging min 2 years in wood container (Scotch is 3 years)
- Grain 

2)Japan new make

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 It is new born and new make of above 1)Japanese whisky, it mean aging is less than 2 years. 

3)Japan make whisky

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 It is new category for "Japanese whisky" containing imported bulk whisky. This regulation obligates that whisky should contains above 1) Japanese whisky. So made from only imported bulk are not allowed to describe "Japan made whisky" and should be "World whisky"
Neutral spirits is also forbidden.