Normally whisky is distilled by copper still which can remove sulfur compounds in mash steam during distillation because sulfur compounds cause uncomfortable flavor like burn rubber.

Stainless pot still distillery normally add strong wood flavor on their whisky by new cask long years aging to vanish sulfur smell. However some distilleries are using vacuum distillation which refrains stimulating sulfur flavor.

Stainless pot still whisky distillery

1806 Gyokusendo Shuzo

1950s?-1978/2018  Distillation

 Gyokusendo was founded as sake brewery in 1806. They started whisky business probably in 1950s and they were distilling till 1978. You can find their "Peak whisky" brand bottle even today but current bottles are made from 100% import bulk whisky.

 They restarted whisky distillation and released some new pot bottles in 2018. There are no info about their distillation facility but it seems to be vacuum distillation stainless pot still. Because their new pot is said not to have sulfur flavor and they are using this type for Shochu(Traditional Japanese spirit).

1941 Mikawa Godo Shochu
1945 Aichi Shusei Kogyo
2004 Aioi Unibio 

1947-1959/2019 Distillation

 Mikawa godo shochu was established in 1941 and changed name to Aichi shusei kogyo in 1945. They started whisky distillation in 1947 and started whisky business also however stopped distillation in 1959 due to serious damage to facility by Isewan typhoon which caused most serious damage in Japan in 20th century. They continued whisky business by bottling import bulk.

 This company was merged with Aioi shuzo and Aioi mirin as Aioi Unibio in 2004. They restarted whisky distillation in 2019 by stainless pot still which they are using for Shochu (traditional Japanese spirit) under cooperation with French importer BBC spirit.

1853 Kiyosu Sakura Jozo

2018 Distillation

 Kiyosu sakura jozo was founded in 1853.
Their main business is volume zone value paper pack sake. But they released middle price range gin and whisky in 2019.
Their whisky is only 1 type which is 5 years Kashi wood cask aged blended whisky and fermentation done by sake yeast. They are using normal pressure stainless pot still which they are using to make Shochu for both malt whisky and grain whisky.

1821 Yamato Shuzo

2017 Distillation

 Yamato shuzo was founded in 1821. They got whisky production license in 2017 and released 1st bottle in 2019. They seems to be using stainless pot still which they are using for Shochu.