There are some "Japanese whisky" conceptors in the world today. Normally these company make only concept and trade mark control. Only Aiko Importers, BBC Spirits and Yoshino Spirits are real trader and others seems to be more offshore purpose companies.

 Almost all thier whisky are rice whisky or bottled import bulk whisky.

Japanese whisky conceptor

BBC Spirits (France)

It is liquor importer in France

Aiko Importers (USA)

It is liquor importer in Carfornia 

Yoshino Spirits (Japan)

It is liquor exporter in Japan

???? (Asean or Hongkong)

 Thier Kaicho whisky are distributed in ASEAN and Hongkong.

Lavax (Hongkong)

 Thier Kujira whisky are distributed in USA. ASEAN and Hongkong. Actually 3 distilleries in Okinawa are producing Kujira rice whisky. Each company is supplying different aged whisky.

Boutique whisky(Hongkong)

 Thier whisky are distributed iin the world. Their whisky label doesn't have Japanse description but Chinese description.  

Kikori (USA)

Thier Kikori rice whisky are distributed in USA.

LHK Spirits (USA)

Thier Kaiyo whisky are distributed in the world.

Human brand (USA)

Thier Shinju whisky are distributed in USA.